5 movies to watch with your siblings!

5 movies to watch with your siblings!

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Jul 31, 2017  Updated On : Apr 23, 2018

 Remember when you feel like slitting your sibling’s throat but can’t stand anyone pointing a finger at them.  Here are a few movies that will remind you of the bond you share (no need to tell them that of course!):

1# My Brother Nikhil

This movie touches on the very delicate subject of the stigma attached to AIDS. It shows the battle a sister fights to support her brother who is ostracized from the society. This movie is sure to bring buckets of tears.  Better have some tissues handy.




2# Udaan

This movie depicts the life of a teenager who slowly develops affection, care and the need to rescue his 6-year old half-brother , from the clutches of their tyrannical father. He plays the savior as he runs away with his little brother to give him freedom, away from the restraining and claustrophobic environment.




3# Bumm Bumm Bole

One of the cutest movies on sibling love, this movie shows the love of a brother for his little sister as they try to live up to the standards of a higher class society. The tiny tots sacrificing things and taking blows for each other is what will make you go awww!




4# Iqbal

The dedication and love of a younger sister can make all your dreams come true! This is well depicted in the movie as the mute and deaf cricket aspirant derives all his inspiration and motivation from his sister. She fights, begs and supports her brother whilst acting as a fairy godmother!




5# Hum saath saath hain

This movie is a must for whenever there is a list made for sibling love. The movie shows the time before we adapted into nuclear families and the love siblings share which will make single children go green with envy!



Pillars that help us grow from the very start, sibling are the ‘tadka’ we have in life!



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