5 life lessons from Aiyaary’s Shuru Kar song : The next youth anthem!

5 life lessons from Aiyaary’s Shuru Kar song : The next youth anthem!

By Ankita Mohanty

Jan 27, 2018  Updated On : Apr 21, 2018

#Koi kahani shuru toh kar

Neeraj Pandey`s Aiyaary released it`s third song "Shuru Kar" today and the song, very much, qualifies to be the next `Youth Anthem`.

Aiyaary is an action thriller which tells the story of how an honest army officer becomes a truant and sets on a journey to seek justice. the movie is a cat and mouse game between a mentor( Manoj Bajpayee a.k.a Abhay Singh)  and his protege (Sidharth Malhotra a.k.a Jai Bakshi) . Earlier this month, Sidharth Malhotra`s Aiyaary showed us it`s softer side, with songs such as Lae Dooba and Yaad Hai. The music mixers are back with another song that speaks oodles about taking a bold step forward. Aiyaary is set for release on 9th February.

With Amit Mishra, Neha Bhasin & Rochak Kohli behind the mike, the song has a fresh, rebellious vibe to it. The words are penned down by Manoj Muntashir.

The 4 minutes 9 seconds video opens in a university, showing the students gathering round the center stage, in hundreds. Sorry...thousands.

Enter Major Jai Bakshi a.k.a Sidharth Malhotra and Rakul Preet in their runaway rockstar avatar. The crowd never seizes it cheers and shouts. With a hard metal/rock band in the background, the picturization reminds us of a rock music fest. The lyrics bring back memories of `Sadda Haq`.

Here are 5 moments from the songs that will make you fall in love with the song:

 `Roshan dil ka resha resha

Naa ho jaaye toh kehna

Jaisa socha sab kuch waisa

Naa ho jaaye to kehna..`

When Maj.Bakshi takes up the center stage, grabs the mike and makes the crowd go crazy. The lines edge us to start a new chapter and re-assures the effectiveness of an honest effort in the right direction. Life makes us all go through a crazy ride, however we shouldn`t at any point of time forget the necessity to hold and take a bold step, towards truth.

`Zyada nahi toh auna-pauna

Yaa phir ratti bhar..

Jahaan bhi hai tu wahin se yaara

Koi kahani shuru toh kar..`

It is never too late for a new beginning. No mountain`s too high, no ocean`s too wide. It all has to start somewhere..someday and by someone. Why not be the change?


`Tu kya hai, teri keemat kya?

Tujhko bhi pata chal jaayega..`

The gorgeous Rakul Preet takes the mic and shows off her rocker chick side. Situations often us push us towards despair and demotivation, and we fail to understand our own worth. It is okay, if failures and setback pull you to ground zero, because that is where we start..right?

`Ye ambar ki unchaai toh

Bas aankhon ka dhokha hai

Jisko sab mushkil kehte hain

Sach poocho toh woh mauka hai...`

The word impossible has the word `possible` itself, in it. Things might seem unattainable at the very fir

st sight but are not, in reality. Challenges are meant to be overcome, problems, solved. It asks us not to run behind a mirage of failure and look beyond the negativities.

And the best of all....

‘Duniya... badal jaayegi
Pehle badal nazar’

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. The first hand raised against a flawed system, is always brought down. Get obsessed with the idea of being the change, standing up for truth and justice. When the why is clear, the how is easy.

‘If you want things to be different, perhaps answer is to become different yourself’

Normal Vincent Peale!


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