9 Reasons Why Ranveer Singh is The Most Dapper Guy in B-Town

The blue-eyed boy of Bollywood currently and everyone’s favourite, Ranveer Singh, has both impressed and surprised us countless times. Here’s why we love him!!!

By Neha Jha

Jul 6, 2017  Updated On : Jun 21, 2018

Born Ranveer Singh Bhavani, he began his career with YRF’s Band Baaja Baraat opposite Anushka Sharma. And what a debut it was!! He won the Filmfare Award for Best Debutant the same year and hasn’t looked back ever since.

What could be more fun than listing down some of the memorable roles of this Cheekily-Chic actor that has earned him critical acclaims to ‘Flawless’ from Senior Bachchan himself! Here come the stories of success for this Bajirao of Bollywood!

Alauddin Khilji (Padmaavat) -

He scared the Khilji out of us with his performance in the film! An antagonist opposite Deepika Padukone for the first time (the earlier two being romances with her), people were simply blown over by the power he created on screen. Ranveer confessed how hard it got for him to get into the skin of the character, eat red mutton for a year and stay aloof in preparation for the role. You don’t believe us? Just watch the songs Binte Dil and Khalibali!! Even the real Khilji would go back to his grave in terror! He scared the bejesus out of us! And he received his first award, as he himself said, from Big B in the form of a letter and a bouquet of flowers. Now, that’s huuuge!!!

Bajirao Mastani -

Not many know that Ranveer Singh did not charge a single penny as his acting fee. He opted for profit sharing instead. The movie was one of the most successful movies that year and earned him a lot of accolades for playing the role of Peshwa Bajirao. Apart from the testimonial of Ranveer Singh himself, this movie really changed the life of the new Bollywood as we knew it! A Sanjay Leela Bhansali masterpiece that has been compared to the 1960’s ‘Mughal-e-Azam’, one of the classics ever made in Bollywood, Ranveer Singh quite ‘shockingly’ surprised everyone with his acting skills, which no one knew before he possessed! Another Filmfare in the bag with the critics pleased and acclaims from the Masters of the Bollyverse, what more could one ask for?

His Risk-Taking Attitude -

Ranveer Singh made his debut in the year 2010 as a lead actor. There is this prevalent belief in Bollywood that aspiring actors should start with ad films or videos or supporting roles before landing a lead role. Well, our Baba did not do that! He was adamant he would sign a lead role only. Confident gamble, huh? And well, it paid off brilliantly. That’s something most strugglers find it hard to deal with. But, Ranveer did and proved that faith goes a long way.

Unconventional Choices -

Ranveer always made very hatke choices. He wanted to be an actor since childhood but did not take the usual route of becoming a model first. Instead, we worked as a copywriter for one of the premier ad agencies O&M. He also opted for a course in creative writing from the US before relocating to India. So, well, acting is not the only thing he is good at! And he decided to make a debut with a film opposite a star! Well, that’s another impressive thing.

His Fashion Choices -

Ranveer Singh does not mind being the butt of everyone’s jokes because of his quirky fashion choices. He says his clothes are an extension of his personality. He is comfortable and secure in his own skin and does not mind being ridiculed for it. You see, confidence is what takes a person places and our Ranveer Baba has oodles of it! Otherwise, we know how hard it is to stay away from the criticism of the fashion police in Bollywood.

Lootera -

Talk about his unconventional choices and this film comes to mind. Vikramaditya Motwane did what none could do when he compiled O Henry’s short story ‘The Last Leaf’ with his own imagination. And he chose Ranveer Singh for the role of a conman who has a change of heart when he meets the woman he cheated after years and saves her dying spirit. Ranveer calls the film his favorite and openly spoke about how the film deserved more than it received. Lootera was also the first time we saw Ranveer play a serious guy! Such swagger even in a simple retro look! That was intense!!

The Condom Ad -

Bollywood mainstream actors have always shied away from endorsing condom brands. But, this hottie decided to bend the rules, as he always did and endorsed a British condom brand. The ad also reflects a lot of dancing and youthful energy. Well, he is the youth icon, isn’t it? It must have taken a lot of guts to do what no actor wants to do to protect his image. But, Ranveer doesn’t bother about it. And the result is for everyone to see!! Now, that’s uber cool!!

The Cool Party Guy -

He sang his heart out recently at Sonam Kapoor’s wedding. And he does that wherever he goes. Cool, uninhibited and absolutely fun-loving, he doesn’t shy away from being his absolute best even at interviews. Remember his appearance at Karan Johar’s chat show with Arjun Kapoor first and then, in the latest season, with none other than his lover’s ex Ranbir Kapoor?? That was swag, man!!

The Lover Boy -

Every time Ranveer indulges in a PDA with Deepika Padukone, our hearts just melt!!! He is simply so concerned about her!! We always want such a love story. Contrary to popular belief, a mushy mushy man is always so attractive. And Ranveer doesn’t seem to have such serious macho concerns about displaying love. On top of that, the couple has done three movies with each other which have all been such major hits. Why aren’t they getting married already?

We can’t wait to see this maverick in Gully Boy and Simmba next! And we hope we continue to see him in more and more versatile roles, starkly different from others.

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