1921 movie soundtracks will add oomph to your weekend

1921 movie soundtracks will add oomph to your weekend

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Dec 30, 2017  Updated On : Apr 21, 2018

The moment you hear the sound of the piano, you already know that 1921 movie is going to give yet another memorable song album in the offing by Vikram Bhatt. Pain, pathos, and longing for love are the lethal combination used in the entire song album of the film. Let`s talk about two beautiful pieces from this film and each of these tracks ensures that the sound of 1921 soaks in. Let the makers take you in a whimsical ride with these ear pleasing latest Bollywood songs.

Kuch iss tarah, kuch iss tarah,

Ae raat tham zara kuch iss tarah!

Yes! We are talking about 1921 movie song "kuch iss tarah". Have you heard that absolutely amazing track? Kuch Iss Tarah is adorned by Arnab Dutta and the music is given by Harish Sagane while the lyrics are written by Shakeel Azmi. The song has Karan impressing Zareen with his moves and eventually the two fall in love. This song is a mixture of thrill and love. With Karan Kundra and Zareen Khan getting all cozy and romantic this whimsical number will touch the right chords of your heart!

Yaara tu mujhme yun basa,

Mujhme rahi na meri jagah,

Faila hai tu meri rooh tak,

Tujhme hi main jeene laga!

Yet another soundtrack adorned by Arnav Dutta`s enthralling vocal. These beautiful lines are from the 1921 movie song "Yarra." This soulful soundtrack just released on the internet and we can`t stop listening to this one. Captured in the breathtakingly beautiful backdrop, this haunting piece gives off a vibe more than just a hint of pathos. This poignant soundtrack will surely make you all emotional!

1920 franchise is an unusual horror franchise of Bollywood that brings horror into Victorian period drama.Ayush (Karan Kundra) goes to London to study music and there he encounters paranormal activities in his mansion and reaches out to a psychic named Rose, (Zareen Khan). As she takes up his case, the two grow closer and develop romantic feelings. However, this only raises the stakes as the malevolent spirits are hell-bent on destroying their lives. Filled with plenty of jumps scares and heart racing moments; the trailer acts as a perfect tease for the movie. We are sure these latest Bollywood songs will be a part of your playlist!

While watching this film one should surely keep the popcorn bucket away and a pillow handy!

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