14 Bollywood Songs that have given our thoughts the much needed background music irrespective of your age!

Remember when you wanted to say things when you were a child but couldn’t find the words for? Read on for not just the words but songs those define you at all ages.

By Vaishali Behera

Apr 13, 2018  Updated On : Apr 21, 2018

Bollywood is known for being dramatic and over the top but sometimes it is important, to be honest, and admit that we are no less when it comes to imagining and playing scenes in our heads! We could definitely blame our desi upbringing and Bollywood tadka filled childhood that somehow every song evokes a certain emotion all while bringing different sides to us alive. So, read on and enjoy being the glorious lead!

Okay so let’s begin with the absolute winners in imagination – Children!

How children really see themselves:

The highlight of the song:          

Bhid jawe choti si chidiya, Plane gulati khawe

Yeh piddi bade hai ziddi,Yeh piddi hai ziddi ziddi

Well, if it was in the hands of the creative Lilliputs then they would most likely choose this as the anthem for their spirits. Haven’t you seen kids walking alone on the streets managing a grocery bag or doing adult stuff? Or maybe trying to explain something to another who is some feet taller? Well, trust us this is exactly what they are thinking. ‘Ziddi Piddi‘ from the movie ‘Chillar Partydoes the trick like no other as a young group of hooligans wear underwears and march for a cause. It is as cute as it is honorable!

When kids realise it’s their fault and no amount of acting can save those cute bums:

The highlight of the song:

Unase Main Yeh Kehta Nahi, Par Main Seham Jata Hoon Maa

Chehre Pe Aane Deta Nahi, Dil Hi Dil Mein Hi Ghabraata Hoon Maa

Tujhe Sab Hai Pata Hai Na Maa

Kids always have an excuse to get away irrespective of the intensity of their crimes! But sometimes there are instances where everything is laid out on the table and they face nothing less than a professional interrogation. It would be quite harsh to judge kids under these circumstances as even adults get clueless when parents go into the angry ‘am gonna ask you all the questions today’ mode. The most appropriate song for such times would be ‘Tujhe sab hai pata meri maa from the movie Taare Zameen Par and why not, it is a fact that nobody can save you like your mum can unless she is the one who is angry!

When the feeling of love hits you for the first time:

The highlight of the song:                   

Usne baat ki kuchh aise dhang se

Sapne de gaya vo hazaaron range ke

Reh jaoon jaise main haar ke

Aur choome vo mujhe pyaar se

Well, love can even get the oldies weak in the knees so when it comes to the youngsters with all the hormones all hyper in them love is no less than a drug. The waves of shock as you see them pass by you and the bittersweet pain of being away from them all while continuously thinking of their face! ‘Pehla nashafrom the movie Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar is one of the best songs to listen to when all you can think of is love! Probably the only song which succeeds the most in describing the roller coaster of happy highs that one gets when love knocks for the first time.

First breakup:

The highlight of the song:                

khud ko bhi hamane mita daala magar

faasle jo darmiyaan the rah gaye

ham vafaa kar ke bhi tanaha rah gaye

dil ke armaan aansuon mein bah gaye

The heart dropping down to the abdomen while everything feels numb and pointless? Well, you are probably going through your first heartbreak. First breakups are always the hardest as generally, it happens in the tender teenage years where reality is a farfetched thing. So it is very easy to delve into the depth of sadness for the silliest of reasons! It’s all going to be fine 100% but it is important to mourn the end of it as you bid adieu to a part of the child in you as you let your first fairytale go! The song ‘Dil Ke Armaan Aansuon Mein Beh Gayefrom the movie Nikaah is perfect for such time! Psst. It’s just a phase so make most of it!

When you realise school has ended and it’s time for college:

The highlight of the song:                                    

Ye din ye raatein

Ye saari baatein

Mehke mehke… behke behke

Ye jo pal hain ye na beete

Yoon hi main rahun

A major chunk of our lives go in the classrooms which have a huge part of our fondest memories of childhood but this is not how we feel about school when we are in it. When in school all you can think of is how to end it and go to college where teachers and monitors stop harassing you over the length of your skirt of how your trousers hang too low! As the other side of the mountain always looks better here too we all go through the phase where we think that just ending school is going to get us all the freedom in the world! Kya Karoonfrom the movie Wake up Sid is all of us when we envision us and our friends in college!

First Day in Office:

The highlight of the song:                                     

Chahatein kayi

Hai dil mein ab jagmagaye

Rahatein kayi

Hai mujhse kehne ko aayi

Okay, so you just ended college and are all geared up to get into an office but are still pretty clueless about “adulating”? Then this is probably what happened to you! The first day in office is not just nerve wrecking but also decides how the next days that follow would be! Generally, the first week has one all spellbound and impressed with surroundings, the following days go well as one initiates baby steps into work. Although anyone who has worked for long would know how short-lived this high is! ‘Aaj Kal Zindagifrom the movie Wake up Sid is exactly that! What makes it so relatable is not just the amazing music with the beautifully written lyrics but also Ranbir’s amazing acting!

After you make friends in office:

The highlight of the song:                                    

O Chandralekha!

Jab jab tujhko dekha

Aaye aisi feeling

First time tujhko dekha

After being the newbie in the office wears off you realise that you have to WORK! This not just brings your morale down but also makes you miss your college friends the most! You miss having them around who made the toughest times fun. All of this continues till you find some others in the same office who share the same crazy inner spirit as you. Once you locate them it’s all set! Suddenly office seems more fun and you might look forward to going there! And the best part is you own your own money and probably live alone so the party scenes are crazy! Chandralekhafrom the movie A Gentleman could definitely be the track for such events!

When you get your salary:

The highlight of the song:                          

Hadd se badi hai yeh ayaashi

Sar chadi hai yeh ayaashi

Hum pe yaara jach rahi hai ye ayaashi hey ayaashi

Lat si lagi hai yeh ayaashi, bandagi hai yeh ayaashi

So here we speak of the reason we join an office in the first place – money! Money is one thing that is as overrated as it is underrated. That being said that is probably everyone’s drive, while you can manage without those officemates but doing the same without salary or money would not be possible. So when young people who are devoid of much responsibilities start working the scenario when they get the months’ salary looks nothing different from the song ‘Ayashi’ from the movie Badmash Company.

When you have to work late and holidays get cancelled:

The highlight of the song:                                   

Hausla na chod

Kar samna jahan ka

Badal raha hai dekh

Rang aasmaan ka

This could be every office-goers nightmare but it’s better to face the truth that these do exist. Now imagine making plans for a long weekend with your long lost friends who have become strangers since you have started to work. As you book tickets and reserve tables you realise that it is all a dream sequence leading to the saddest reality where you don’t get to live it! The sadness and despair are absolutely impossible to hold or explain but it gets easier when you have a song like ‘Zindagi har Kadamfrom the movie Meri Jung. Just replace the Monday with whatever you want to, it is easier when you see other people going through the same thing, doesn’t it!

When first love doesn’t matter anymore as you got a new crush:

The highlight of the song:                

Kya falak kya jhalak, kya adaa kya mehak

Yeh zameen yeh falak, thi kahan o tu ab tak

Kya asar kya lehar, door thi tu magar

Tu khwab hai ya koi jadugari

As for many of us, chances are high that your high school/ college love ended with the last semester. It’s sad but true and generally, it starts fading when you find someone else to replace with! So along with the various changes, one goes through while adulting and working in an office, realisation hits that baby love is better when it`s left in the past and if one doesn’t take advantage of one’s youth then ending up alone is not exactly impossible! The way Ajay Devgn embraces the character makes the movie Dil Toh Baccha Hai Ji so relatable and fun!  ‘Jadugari’ from the movie Dil Toh Baccha Hai Ji is one song which has the best depiction of this situation along with the most suitable lyrics.  

Month-end when you realise maybe the party was a little over the top:

The highlight of the song:                    

Main nahi jaana, Main nahi jaana

Main nahi jaana bistar ko chhod ke

Khoon choos le tu mera khoon choos le

Bloody khooni Monday tu chaahe.. choos le

Working adults are probably the most conflicted humans! And why not with the luxury of spending all their own money and having your private space but yet lacking the sensibility of financial management! All of that aside if you are a newbie in the working adults’ world then you can probably be excused because you are likely to exhaust your entire salary in a party! Khoon choosne Mondayfrom the movie Go Goa Gone doesn’t just glorify the hatred we have for Monday but also what happens after a party if you see the video.

When you realise that hurrying into shaadi was not the best decision:

The highlight of the song:               

Ratiya Chaye Toh Jiya Lalchaye

Chhatiya Dhak Dhak Taal Sunaave

Jee Ki Koyaliya Shor Machaye

Piya Milan Ki Agan Jagave

Shaadi and Barbaadi have been used in the same sentence too many times and it’s not completely incorrect. Not always the case, happily married couples are quite a rare sight to behold unless they are good at acting of course. Well, the typical image one has of a married life especially when they are committed is a life where both are independent and have individual choices all while having kick-ass good sex whenever they want. But this is rarely the case and the best songs for this situation come in a sequence and why not! How can one song be enough to express what you feel when the crisis is as severe as marriage?

Desi Romancefrom the movie Shaadi ke side effects is the most appropriate example of what young people who wish to jump into the pool of marriage think life would be! Vyah karke pachtaya from the same movie is a hilarious take on what happens post marriage.

When you hit midlife and think you should have partied harder:

The highlight of the song:                     

Bada swad aaya masre di daali da

Bada afsos laga mahiye di gali da

Sadi gali aa mahiya tenu kute ladawange

Kal wali gali da tainu maza chakhawange

This has probably happened to a lot of people when they intend to party and rock the world but end up working too much to secure the future which is pretty hard, so understandable. But most of the times one forgets to live in the moment which leads to a frustrated mid-life crisis where we stop giving damns. It is always advisable to party hard when young as it definitely opens up parts to us that make us more matured but if you haven’t then don’t think twice before becoming a wild child! Bollywood has good party scenes but rarely caters to the mid-aged audience as it’s generally youngsters having all the fun. Watch the song Kala Doriya from the movie Kaalakaandi as it is one of the best songs since it addresses something as sensitive and intimate as mid-life issues. And if you are young you would look forward to getting older, why not if it is this much fun right?

When you realize being old has its own pros:

The highlight of the song:                     

Pagla hoon yaar ye pagla hai pyaar

Aise hi chalta hai ye karobaar

Pyaar ke saaye mein sab piddly hain yaar

Piddly si baatein kyun karti ho sharma ke Piddly si baatein

Amitabh Bachchan- where could one begin? Absolutely nowhere! Sapiosexuals BEWARE! The man has set examples in so many different ways that it is difficult to even appreciate him well. Getting old and having the salt and pepper look is definitely in trend but his man makes all salt look even more sexy and efficient. He glows in his later ages and we could never understand how he manages to be such a powerhouse let alone deliver so many movies at such an age! Just like him his song Piddly si baatein from Shamitabh is an absolute masterpiece. Too much of sexiness! The way he moves and the BARITONE! Yes, we are screaming, no we are not ashamed!

Gawd, such amazing songs! One could just surf through the list and no matter what age you are you could get into your personal time machine and be the glorious hero that you deserve to be!

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