13 Years of Swades: The Film That Connected Our Hearts to Our Soil

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Dec 18, 2017

Swades evoked the passion of nationalism on-par with Lagaan. Ashutosh Gowarikar out did himself with Swades after Lagaan. The film is dotted with scenes and instances that remained etched in my mind. This movie taught us things that no other medium could. For instance we crib about the evils that prevail in our society – illiteracy, child labour, poverty, corruption, etc. Mohan Bhargava decides to roll up his sleeves and get his own hand dirty to mend it. Or at least try doing it. This film showed us a different avatar of Shahrukh and we thoroughly enjoyed it. Shahrukh and Gayathti both did an excellent job in portraying their characters. AR Rahman has composed such lilting tunes that augments this beautiful movie.

Asutosh acknowledges that he was inspired by two Indian scientists belonging to Association of India Development based out of Maryland. It was amongst the first to help the Tsunami relief victims and it was totally done with the help of the villagers. It is amazing to believe that the villagers did not accept any external fund for their help.

It’s been 13 years since Swades, and we haven’t seen any other movie that impactful yet. Let’s celebrate the 13th year with some dialogues from the movie which has been etched to our hearts.

"Main nahi manta hamara desh duniya ka sabse mahaan desh hai ... Lekin yeh zaroor manta hoon ... Ki hum mein kabliyaat hai, taqat hai, Apne desh ko mahaan banane ki" – Mohan

"Hum sab ek doosre ko dosh de rahe hain ... Jab ki sachchai yeh hai ki ... Hum sab hi doshi hain"

“Jab bhi hum muqabale mein dabne lagte ha, tok hum ek hi cheez ka aadhaar lete ha, sanska, parampara.”

“Apne aangan ki bedh doosre ke ghar mein phale phoole to, ghar ke armaan maati mein mil jaate hai.”

“Mere aasuyon ka swa, mere mann ka namak hi samajhta hai.”

“Jo kabhi nahi jat, us hi ko jaati kehte hai.”

“Main chalta hoon, hum dono saath saath chalte hain..”

“Ladkiyon ke haath sirf mehendi ke liye nahin hote..”

"Prampra aur sanskaar ke bina...hamara desh yun hota....Jaise aatma bina Sharir

The film was filled with whimsical details that touched the right chords of our heart. Be it Mohan and Geeta’s romance, Mohan and Kaveri-Amma’s conversations or the sincerity with which Ashutosh Gowarikar managed to throw the spotlight on the ground realities of Indian villages. Swades was one such film that had its heart in the perfect place! 

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